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Mantel & Bracket Clocks with pendulums
Mantel and bracket clocks fall into two basic categories. Those with pendulums and those without. In the case of pendulum clocks it is necessary for the clock to be sited on a stable surface. If the clock is on a rickety piece of furniture or a piece of furniture that sits on floorboards that move when someone walks past then the clock will not run properly. If the case is on a stable piece of furniture, shelf or mantle but is still rocking then this will need to be addressed by packing one of the feet with a wedge or packing piece. It is not critical for the case to be completely level as it is possible to adjust the clock to run on such a surface.
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Mantel Clocks without pendulums & Carriage Clocks
Mantel clocks without pendulums have a platform escapement or, in the case of some modern clocks, an escapement known as a floating balance. Carriage clocks as their name suggests are designed to be portable time keepers and as such, have no special requirement with regard to surface. Clocks with a floating balance escapement, while not portable like carriage clocks have no special requirement for the surface to be level or stable.
Please feel free to contact me for advice specific to your clock.
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